Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy of EISENHAUER’S Catering & Events

It is the responsibility of the client to notify EISENHAUER’S Catering & Events should it become

necessary to cancel an event. A minimum cancellation notice of 30 hours prior to the scheduled event is required for all Special Occasion Event clients. Failure to cancel within established deadlines will result in a cancellation charge determined by EISENHAUER’S Catering & Events. Regardless of the 30 hour notice, a cancellation fee can occur. Cancellation of a special event, which has incurred expenses due to consultations, product purchasing, restocking fees, rental agreements, or general operating expenses while preparing for said event, will be charged to the client. Only management of EISENHAUER’S Catering & Events has the authority to disclaim this policy and determine if any refund is forthcoming. In the event the performance of any of the covenants of this contract agreement on the part of EISENHAUER’S Catering & Events shall be prevented by an act of God; the acts of or regulations of public authorities or labor unions; labor difficulty, strike, civil turmoil, war, epidemic or any other cause beyond it’s control, EISENHAUER’S Catering & Events will be relieved of it’s obligations; and further, upon such event, neither party shall be obligated for any expenses incurred by the party in preparation of the event including, but not limited to, any and all expenses incurred by the promotion, artist fees, or preparation costs and rentals, if any, as incurred. This contract agreement may be amended by written agreement signed by both parties.

Rentals: Please Note: EISENHAUER’S Catering & Events requires equipment “drop-offs” on M-F 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Weekend equipment drops are an additional $200-$400 dependent upon location and times. Client will be charged a designated area/fuel surcharge for equipment deliveries. Price is subject to change if food items, rentals or number of guests change. (Due to operations logistics and food purchasing, additional fees for guest counts falling below the initially quoted guest count may apply.


If you are planning an event, please call or email and we will schedule a time to go over every detail.


Eisenhauer’s Catering & Events coordinators are available

Monday through Friday,

8:00am to 5:00pm.