Eisenhauer’s Catering presents Eisenhauer’s Business Express.  The ultimate combination of upscale catered food and discounted drop off, all in a convenient disposable package.  Mix and match favorites to make your next lunch event a hit.  Select items from our business catering menu offered at a special discount.  For more options, see our Business Catering Menu.

*Order minimums and service fees apply.

Breakfast Burritos $5.95 PP

Ham, Chorizo, or Veggie, with Egg, Potato, and cheese.

Deluxe Sandwiches $11.95 PP

Deluxe Clubhouse – Chicken breast, sliced provolone, bacon, lettuce, avocado, and tomato with herb
mayonnaise on focaccia.
Honey Baked Ham and Brie – Thinly-sliced ham and Brie, fresh spinach with sautéed apple, onion, shallot
and brown mustard compote on a French baguette.
Smoked Turkey and Provolone with Pesto – Romaine, smoked turkey, provolone cheese, tomato, and
avocado with a creamy pesto sauce on focaccia.
Roast Beef and Pepper Jack with Creamy Horseradish – Romaine, roast beef, pepper jack cheese and
tomato, with a creamy horseradish spread on a French baguette.
Roasted Vegetable and Mozzarella with Red Pepper Aioli (Vegetarian) – Thinly sliced roasted bell
peppers, zucchini, onions, mushrooms, spinach leaves, with roasted red pepper aioli on focaccia.

Deluxe Salads $11.95 PP

Classic Chicken Caesar – Romaine lettuce, parmesan-reggiano, pan-fried garlic-herb croutons, and
creamy Caesar.
Classic Nicoise Salad – Marinated grape tomatoes and haricot verts, arranged on a bed of Boston lettuce
along with red potatoes, radishes, hard-cooked eggs, tuna or salmon, and nicoise olives then drizzled with
a white wine and shallot vinaigrette.
Chinese Chicken – Chopped iceberg lettuce, shredded whole chicken, mandarin oranges, green onion,
cilantro, chopped roasted peanuts, fried rice noodles, and a hoisin sesame-spiced.
Salmon With Citrus – Grilled garlic-dill salmon with blend of chopped romaine and field greens, with
cucumbers, avocado, grapefruit segments, green beans, & champagne vinaigrette.